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Harabe Lab Harabe Lab
38 · 1 · TR
Downtempo, Electronica
Latest release 4 days from now
Rewind Records Digital Rewind Records Digital
7,193 · 1 · UK
Electronica, House
Latest release 1 week from now
Rewind Records Digital, Based in Sheffield UK is a independent Speed Garage, House & Garage & Bassline House Record Label Focused with Music in mind. Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/rewindrecordsdigital Facebook https://www.facebook.com/rewindrecordsdigital
Limitation Music Limitation Music
1,228 · RO
Deep House, Electronica
Latest release 1 month ago
Created in August 2014, Limitation Music is an ambient/dub/deep house record label, who is focusing mostly on blending these three genres into one, creating a good atmosphere of sounds, a slow constructive rhythm and offering a sound comfort, all incorporated into a warm and soft feeling. We are heading into a zone of deep house genre where dub techno has been recently expanding and rise into the electronic scene, giving the audience an intellige...
Eklero Eklero
2,386 · IT
Latest release 2 months ago
Eklero is an experimental, ambient, electronic, techno label that wants to promote and release music more refined and offbeat.
251 · 2 · DE
Future House, Deep House
Latest release 4 weeks ago
2FLGS RCRDS is a digital dance music label in Germany. ​ We currently support over 150 stores ​ We already have a total of more than 200,000 plays in all stores and support more than 50 artists since 2019 Supported by: - Future House Music - Future House Cloud - Charge RCRDS - Madistt - BETASTIC - SRLX
Seshling Records Seshling Records
106 · 3 · US
Tech House, Progressive House
Latest release 1 week ago
Moonspin Records Moonspin Records
7 · 3 · IE
Techno, Hard Techno
Latest release 3 weeks ago
Turbolento Records Turbolento Records
16 · 3 · ES
Electronica, Techno
Latest release no info
13 · 4 · IN
House, Future Bass
Latest release 3 weeks ago
AM - Discovering Underrated Artists WELCOME! The Future of Music Is Here As an established Record Label, APOORVA MUSIC has been keeping up with the changes in the industry. Not only does this talented label work with the brightest musical talents around, but they also offer amazing opportunities to their artists without taking any charge from them. Our aim is to release artist's music for free so that they get chance to promote their ama...
Loving Tech Loving Tech
945 · 2 · BR
Tech House
Latest release 2 days ago
Brazil tech house label managed by Wolf Jay.
Creation Town Records Creation Town Records
8 · 1 · ID
House, Progressive House
Latest release 4 weeks ago
Creation Town Records is an independent label based in Indonesia. Make sure you're a part of Creation Town Records!
Sonnenstrahl Records Sonnenstrahl Records
3 · 2 · DE
Techno, Ambient
Latest release 2 weeks ago
Sonnenstrahl Records was founded and is run by german DJ Producer Sonnenkind.
Revolution Music Revolution Music
1 · CH
Minimal, Deep House
Latest release 1 month ago
Mercurial Tones Mercurial Tones
529 · 1 · SE
Techno, Progressive House
Latest release 4 days from now
Through experiences, we tell our stories, shape our personalities, and build our perception of life. We thus also become subject to sudden and unpredictable changes of moods and to whims and caprice of life. Like the planet Mercury, we split into two. Our one-half freezes in endless darkness, while the other half glitters with a perfect shade of orange under the rays of our one and only sun. We thus become the Mercurials. We live through diffe...
deepNheat deepNheat
1,729 · 1 · US
House, Deep House
Latest release 1 week from now
Established in 2014, our record label originally started its’ journey, as a Music Blog. Since inception, dedicated efforts have been to find the best undiscovered music, artists and contributors from around the globe.
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